I have the coolest story about this family!

Let’s go back to 16 years ago. I’m invited to a house party two weeks before going off to college. Go to house party. Meet David, whom I have a baby with and marry a few short years later.

Fast forward 16 years to present day. Allow me to introduce you to Beth, the gorgeous, sweet face behind Seersucker and Saddles blog. Turns out, Beth is newly married to “house party guy.” AKA my husband’s fraternity brother. AKA John Chappo. AKA the reason Dave and I met. She’s emailed to tell me that she wants to book a “Surprise! We’re having a baby! shoot” with her husband and family. I email back all “ahhhh! I KNOW YOUR AWESOME HUSBAND!” Boom.

I loved being asked to take part in this. They’re such a great, deserving family, and I’m just thrilled for them! xo