Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve always tried to avoid referring to myself in the third person in ‘about me’ scenarios, so here we go!

I’m Sarah. I know, surprise! I don’t actually go by “Sarah-Beth.” Beth is my middle name however.

I’m a thirty-something wife and mom. My husband and I have three amazing kiddos. Ethan, Harper, and Maddox. We live in a suburb south of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Photography fell into my lap back in 2011, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I love this job to pieces.

I’m a natural light photographer, specializing in family photography.

I’m a simpleton. One camera and one or two lenses is all I have in my bag. Too much more, and I’d be way overwhelmed.

I’m a coffee junkie, Free People addict and one of those crazy “oil” ladies you’ve been hearing so much about. I have an inappropriately loud laugh, and laugh at inappropriate times. I’m a hugger. Watch out!

My goal as a photographer is to capture families just being. All moments. The quiet ones, the loud ones, the happy ones and the sweet ones. Every single thing that makes you a family, that’s what I want to see. I want my sessions to be fun and effortless. And for the most part, they are! We’ll laugh, smoosh, hold hands and cuddle. I’m a sunset junkie. In the summer, I’ll beg each and every one of you to put the kiddos down for late naps so you can meet me for our session after bed time so we can soak up every last minute of the glorious golden light. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later. I want every session to be custom to you. My clients are way more individual than I am creative. So bring your ideas, your dreams, your favorite book or cup of coffee to your session. Bring whatever makes you you.

And I’ll bring what makes me me. We’ll be good.


Hello all!! My name is Heather!  I’m also known as “Babe,” “Mommy,” and “Moe,” so take your pick:). I’m 30 years old and have been married to my husband for ten years. We have two littles.  Caedon is ten and Ada just turned eight.  I’m so in love with my wacky, yet adorable family!

I believe in Jesus.  I believe in kindness.  I take pride in honesty and trust.  I believe in hard work and that people matter.

I love to laugh! I love fashion-most importantly, my MC hammer pants and Hunter boots! I love spending time with my family.  I love my amazing friends. I love to dance and I will.  Anytime. Anywhere.  I love to run.  And oooohhh do I love me some Mexican food!  I often wear leather leggings, and I crochet.  You may never figure me out.

Now, lets talk about why I’m here…..Sarah!  Gah, I love this chick!  Not only do I get to have an incredibly amazing and fun job, I get to hang with a great friend while doing it!  You will come to know me as “SBP Assistant” via email.  I will be the one booking your shoots and answering most of your questions!  You’ll see me at newborn sessions and styled shoots.  As the official stylist of SBP,  I will be the one you can turn to for wardrobe advice, shopping tips, shoot ideas, props, etc.  I love what I do and I love Sarah.  Simple as that.

Connect with me via email at sbpstyling@gmail.com or via instagram at heather_kiesel or @stylingbyheatherk

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Heather and I are very much a team. Obviously, I’m the photographer and owner of the business. But this business could.not.run. without her! I’m so lucky to have her on board.

Heather isn’t just my assistant, she’s also my go-to stylist for my clients. When clients choose a styled shoot, Heather is the one that corresponds with them through email, over the phone, and in person. She meets for lunch dates and coffee, makes house calls, will meet a client to shop countless stores for the perfect wardrobe, and will tear through closets for sessions if the client is on a tight budget. She’ll offer up the shirt off her back if it’ll be a perfect piece for a session. She’s selfless like that. And super talented at what she does. A total asset to me and every client I have. She attends every styled shoot that we book to assist in last minute piecing together of wardrobe, accessories, and hair and makeup. You can find pricing and more detailed styling information at www.heatherkiesel.com.

When you email sarah-beth photography, chances are your email will be first answered by Heather. Sometimes it’ll be me, but most of the time, y’all are corresponding with her. I made the choice this past year to be more present at home, and delegating emails to her has been a huge help. No worries though, I still read every email, respond if needbe, and collaborate with her on all sessions. She sends out new client questionnaires and welcome packets, schedules all of my mentoring sessions, gathers props for styled shoots, sets up workshops, feeds us at workshops, and sets my schedule. So, when someone texts, calls or facebook messages me wanting a session, my usual response is, “I have no idea what my availability is!” It’s such a breath of fresh air to know that the handling of my schedule is being done so well by my partner in crime. She’s also at every newborn session I have, acting as my second set of hands. I love that my clients are able to sit and relax during their session, as opposed to holding blankets, fetching headbands, burpcloths and pacis. Newborn sessions run much more smoothly with her there!

Taking Heather on as a partner has given me more free time, which is absolutely priceless. You’ll rarely see one of us without the other! We love working together, and we especially love working together to create a special experience for our clients.

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